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Why does moving a subtask or milestone in the Gantt view preserve durations...

Amber Wilson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

but rekeying an end date alters the durations? 

I'm using predecessors and start-to-finish dependency to work backwards from a deadline for a task. The durations for subtasks must remain fixed. If I type in a new deadline for the task, the durations adjust—this is not what I want. 

If I slide the deadline in the Gantt view, the durations stay the same—this IS what I want.


The problem is that I have many dates that I may need to update, and manually sliding each row is not efficient. I would like to be able to

• change the date in row 7 

• preserve the durations in rows 2-6

• have start and finish dates in rows 2-6 adjust to new value in 7


  • Dave D
    Dave D
    edited 05/11/16

    This is because in the Gantt you are moving the entire task. If you change the end date in the grid, the duration will adjust to match the new end date. If you were to adjust the start date rather than the end date, the duration will not adjust. 

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