Unrecognized System Contacts

Tim Möhle
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm seeing behavior in a sheet that I'm not sure if this expected or not. 

I am a known contact in our corporate instance of Smartsheet.  The screenshot displays content in a sheet column that is created by submission of a form.  For this particular column, it's populated from an email address in the form field.  Submitters of the form do not have be to SmartSheet users.

You'll notice that in some instances I appear as "Tim Mohle" which is mapping to the SmartSheet content record. Other users are displayed as their name and a colored-circle with their initials.

in other instances, I appear merely as an email address.  You'll see a similar example of the two displays by another tool user.

Why is this happening?  I would think if the sheet recognizes an email as a known contact, it would consistently map it to that contact.

If I filter on this column and want to see where my name appears, do I have to make sure to check both entry formats of my name from the dropdown list?




  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Tim,

    If you're the sheet owner or shared to the sheet with Admin permission, I'd recommend looking into the contact list column properties. It's possible that there's two instances of your email address within the preferred contact list values. One instance may have your first and last name associated while the other only has your email address. To maintain consistency, you could consider deleting one of the two format and restricting to list values only. 

    When filtering rows with your contact, entering your email address in the selected values text box will return all the rows containing your email address and rows containing your first and last name.