How to loop through workflow

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I'm having a problem creating an approval flow.

When the approver denies the flow, it automatically sends an email to the one who requested the approval asking him to clear the wrong field.

I need that after the field is arranged the system understands that it should again send an email for approval.

I do not want to create a new approval field, I wanted to use the first one that was created.


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  • Andrée Starå
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    Is it always the same information that needs to be corrected? What is it?

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  • stevphel
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    I've been thinking about this issue too. We have a multi-stage approval process for new catalog content. One way to handle it:

    a) create a correction field in your sheet that's normally blank and not on your form.

    b) when the request is declined, send an update request to the originator asking for a correction but only include the correction field in the update request (you'd also include comments by the approver). 

    c) you can then clone the original approval workflow and set the new "revised approval" trigger for any change in the correction field. You can send the original and corrected field to the approver for review. If it's approved, great, otherwise the loop will repeat.

    d) in our case, I think we will have different versions as attachments. The revised approval rule will trigger when a new attachment is made (and we include instructions to upload a new attachment in the message body). The approver will be able to see all attachments and comments.

  • Thimmo Borger

    Thanks you so much for your advise. Greatly appreciated. Works absolutely fluently.

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