Calculate End Date from "Start Date Plus Number of Days (calculated and rounded up via formula)"

Hello Community!  

I'm trying to calculate End dates based off of a hard Start date, and adding a number of Days that I have listed in another cell.

The number of Days is calculated via formula, from one cell that lists Project hours (which I manually input) and each project is assigned to a crew, which have different amounts of hours that can be produced each day (i.e 2 man crew for an 8 hour day = 16 hours produced a day, 3 man crew = 24 etc...) which I then have "Rounded Up" in another column, because for us anything over one day (i.e. 1.25 days) is actually going to take "2" days.

In order to calculate the End date, my Crew Days need to be added to the Start Date.  Because Crew Days are calculated via formula, it seems to prevent me from making the column properties a "duration" and therefore adding those days to the Start date.  

Is there anyone out there that can offer a solution?  I might be just going about this in the wrong order...  or perhaps I need to combine formulas?

Thank you :)

Screen shot also attached for reference!



  • Hello,

    There currently isn’t a way to place a formula in the duration column or any other project column. When you have a moment, please submit a Product Enhancement Request and let our Product team know that you’d like to see this feature added to Smartsheet.

    I think the system you have right now is great. You will have to manually add your Crew Days to the duration column that you’re using. Here’s some help content for your perusal:

    • If needed, more information on dependencies can be found here.
    • Also, more information on areas where formula use is restricted can be found here
  • Thank you for your response!  I submitted a PER for this function, and appreciate your time.



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