UK Date Format

kskarz ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi All,

Most of you know by now that since the Smartsheet outage incident there is a problem with the date formatting.

I'm surprised to see that the issue was reported on the 31st July and until now (2nd August) this hasn't been resolved. 

Now, after resetting browser cache, cookies and personal settings on the Smartsheet I get a mixture of date format! 

For example on the same sheet, I have date 07/31/2019 which is shown as 31st July 2019 and then a cell below I have date 01/08/2019 which is being shown as 8th January 2019.  Two dates with two different formats applied. Also, the dates are being sent via API in the same format and should be shown as 31st July and 1st August.

Now, this has a knock-on effect on all formulas, etc. Causing a lot of issues and I guess some of the automated notifications had been sent out now... 

Also, I have received an email on 1st August @17:24 (24hrs after the event) to advise about the Smartsheet outage incident but why this was sent out after/during the event? We should be notified instantly that there are issues which are being resolved. 

C'mon Smartsheet team get the problems fixed and be honest with the customers and at least inform us what problems we might come across after the outage incident...

For me, having a product that I can rely on and trust is extremely important. After seeing how you communicate with your customers after Smartsheet outage I might need to look for alternatives.  

Good Luck with fixing the issues!