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Hello Community!!

I am attempting to build a solution set for an internal training/learning organization who has to go build very complicated trainings for technical staff.  Each agenda will contain modules.... Modules will house the table of contents for topics needing to be covered under each module.  There could be a few hundred links to content in an entire agenda. 

I will need to track development at the AGENDA, module and topic levels.  Including content that exists but needs to be reworked.  There are probably 50 different agendas currently.  Of course I will need to report out on all, individually and collectively.

WHAT TEMPLATE SET would you recommend, and why?  Is there anything like this that currently exists?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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    Hi Pam,

    Sounds like a fun project!

    I'd probably recommend building it out from scratch or start with the Project Tracking and Rollup Template Set because of the versatility. There are a few other Template Sets that also might work/help, but I'd recommend that one or starting from zero.

    Do you have something you've seen in another solution that could work as a reference?

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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