Interaction with Microsoft Sharepoint

cpo1wh ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Long story, short as I can make it. I started to create a list of links in Microsoft Sharepoint until I discovered that it seems to be woefully short with sorting, making child entries, etc. In Smartsheet, I am able to accomplish what I am trying to do with ease. Here's my question. Can Smartsheet and Sharepoint interact seamlessly with one another so that my companies client's can see the Smartsheet file from within Sharepoint? I'm new to Sharepoint and have been absent from Smartsheet for quite some time (retired..... almost I guess), but have recently been asked by a company to help with policy and procedure issues within the medical arena. Providing links (which are always updated with the latest information) is part of my plan to disseminate important information to the company's clients. Providing information in this manner (links) seems to help lessen obsolete information. Thanks for your help and any ideas (inside or outside the box) regarding this.