Trying to Auto-update due dates based on actual completion date

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am new to smartsheet and I am finding it very useful; except that I can't figure out how to auto-update completion dates.


For example, when I plan out my project, I put start dates, duration, predecessors and who it's assigned to so I know when the project should be done.  Building a house may require someone to build the foundation, then the floor, then walls, then a roof.  If I have a roofer scheduled for a certain date, but the foundation hasn't been pour the week before, then the start date needs to change for all the other dependent projects and the roofer would know he has more time before he is needed.


I know that if I go in and manually change the due date, start date, and/or the duration then dependent rows will change, but I don't want to update all that every morning based on what's done or not.  I would like to have it update the "duration" cell based on when the task is marked complete so the rest of the project can either move ahead of schedule if, in my example the foundation is build early, or shows the delays if that part of the project is delayed.


Seems like a simple adjustment but can't seem to figure it out.  I made a column where it tells me how many day past due a task is if it's not marked "complete" but can't adjust automatically adjust the due date or duration.


Thanks for any help!