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 I am trying to set up a routine reminder to notify staff to submit a report. I would additionally like to have it notify other staff to follow up to collect reports once the due date passes. I set these up as two different workflows but if I can combine let me know. I am also trying to find a way to not have to update dates in the sheet but that seems impossible. 

Attached is my sheet and two workflows. 

Let me know what insight you are able to provide. 




Client update tracking.png

Workflow 1.png

Workflow 2.png


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Amy,

    Since you want the trigger to be recurring weekly but on different days of the week for each email, two different workflows would be the best way to set this up (as you have done).

    Please note that you have two conditions for your first workflow linked with "and," which means both conditions need to be met within the same row. You may want to change that to be "or" (by clicking on the "and") so that if either of the conditions are met the workflow will run.


    In regards to what columns the update sends, if you click on the three buttons on the top-right corner of the "Request an Update" section of the workflow and choose "Advanced Options," you can choose to exclude certain columns from the update.

    Alternatively, you could choose to lock that column, so that only Admin or Owners of your sheet can edit them, even via Update Request.