% plan vs %advanced

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Hi community:

How can I use %Plan vs %real (Advanced) in a Smart plan?



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    To set up a percentage column, create a new column and make sure it is a Text/Number column. Then, click the column name to highlight the whole column, and choose the Percentage button from the top bar. (Read more about Formatting Options here.)

    You can create two of these columns, with two different titles: "Planned %" and "Actual %".



    If I misunderstood your question, and you were asking about how to create a baseline view on your Gantt chart, then I have a brief summary of how you may want to do this:

    Though we don’t have any programmed functionality for baseline, an approach many customers take within Smartsheet is at the beginning of the project, create 3 new columns ‘Baseline/Planned (or Original) Start Date’, ‘Actual Start Date’, and ‘Date Difference’ which is a text/number column. 

    These new columns won’t be used in the Gantt Dependencies so they won’t change as the timeline changes. Highlight all of the dates in the Start and End Date columns then copy them to the Baseline columns.

    Create a formula in the Date Difference that subtracts the Baseline or Planned Start/End Date from the Start/End Date to give you how far off you are from the Baseline. You can check out the template called "Smartsheet Formula Examples” in the Template Gallery for formula syntax and samples.

    If you were meaning baseline, please also submit a Product Enhancement Request.