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Hi all,

I am looking to add filters for Smartsheet documents. I am relatively new with Smartsheet and have been tasked with creating some documents and reports. We are attempting to model one of our documents after the picture attached (the first one). Here is a synopsis of several goals we are working on:

1.) One of our goals is to create a giant document with budgeted and actual numbers compiled together, and a detailed breakdown for each month (target numbers, variances, etc.). The data would be embedded and only appears if the user specified the month from a drop-down list (see the second picture). We don't wish to have a plethora of columns flooding the document at any one time.

2.) Another goal is to seamlessly extract data from Excel and cloud-based servers like Spectrum and have that data compiled into a single document. For example, one of our goals is to create a compilation sheet of actual costs that spans all of our departments. This document is envisioned as a "data dump" that would update automatically, or with minimal input.

3.) Lastly, we are looking to create a year-to-date (YTD) filter. In addition to viewing the data for a single month (i.e. July), we would also like to see all of our data from the beginning of the year up until the last full month (i.e. January to July).

Above all else, we value ease-of-use and simplicity. We would much rather have something that is too simple and functional than something overly complex.

Any helpful tips, answers, clarification, etc. is all greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi Kyle,

    1. Not knowing the specifics. If possible, I'd recommend using Filters for the month in a sheet. Reports for each month or a combination of a dashboard and reports.


    2. I'd recommend taking a look at the Premium add-on, Data Uploader for this need. More info: Data Uploader


    3. Same answer as 1.


    To add to the answers above. I'd recommend also taking a look at another Premium add-on, Pivot App. More info: Pivot App


    If you'd like I'd be happy to have a chat about what would work best for your business.

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] and well take it from there.

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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