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My sheet has an "assigned to" column, but I am wanting to reference my contact list for the available options.  I know when I am directly editing the sheet, I can begin typing the contact name/email address and will see a list of available options - but the same feature is not available on through a form.  Is there a suggested work around (without having to manually add contacts into the column property list)?




  • Connor Hartford
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    Unfortunately, that is the suggested work around.  I've been asking for the same functionality.

    On the mobile app, opening the same form will allow you to auto complete, like you are asking for.  It's just the web form that's the problem.

    The only way to get a drop down list is to put names in the column property list.

    Please submit a product enhancement request so we can get another vote for this.  We really need it at my company as well.

    Submit Product Enhancement Request


    Connor Hartford

  • Well that is a bummer!  Product Enhancement Request submitted!!

  • If column property is changed from "Conctact List" to "dropdown" and names are added manually to create LOV, there is no email addr associate with name and therefore automation functionality is lost, correct?

  • Any plan for this? Seems like an oversight...

  • I am also looking for this functionality. I was happy to use forms for updating a Smartsheet but this eliminates my ability to do that.

  • This seems like a basic function and I was very surprised when testing my first forms that it doesn't work. For my needs, a full list of contacts should be available.

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    Its a big issue that needs to be fixed but there is a work around that is better than changing the col properties from Contact to dropdown. Under Col properties there is an optional Values list. As long as your contacts list is not too big (not sure if there is a way to import or paste into this section) you can start typing the name of each contact and enter each name from your contact list. These names will then show as contacts in the dropdown list on a webform.

  • This seems to prevent manually adding new values through the Form, though, even if the column does not have the "Restrict to list values" checkbox checked. I can then select from the dropdown list (nice), but can't add new values that are not on the dropdown list (not nice). This seems to be true of both Contact List and Dropdown type columns when presented in Forms.

    (I'm a gov user, btw, so not sure if this is specific to government type tenant.)

  • ... and that also unfortunately doesn't address the desire to link the dropdown values to a dynamic data set, of course.

  • Does anyone know if they ever fixed this? I am too in a query where I need the dropdown to select a contact for my workflow to be triggered. In the current set up, the person filling out the form has to type it in which leaves room for errors.

  • Just following up on this issue. It is very frustrating that a user cant select a contact through a form but you can search it through a table. Is there any resolution to this?

  • Following as this is a major issue for us. I have 200+ employees that I need included as options in multiple dropdown contact fields. I need 5 employees names to be selected at a time in a cell. I need to view these and have them typed in as a name for 1. ease of use for the people filling out the form, and 2. for reporting purposes (# of times a name shows up). However, I really need this be a true contact list, with the ability to automate emails to these people.

    I currently have 1 sheet with name column and email column, I can use this to VlookUp but this does support my need to have more than person listed as a participant in a cell.

    I can copy and paste that list of emails into a dropdown column then change it from a dropdown to a contact column. Issue here is, the person has to be selected by their email because their name is not populated in the contact list. We have many temp employees with emails that do not contain their exact name OR who go by a different name then their real name (company emails are based on a person real name) This will cause a problem for the employee responsible for filling out the form if they cannot find the person they are looking for by email.

    I could spend the time to create a full contact list out of this group going 1 by 1 to add in their name and corresponding email address. This would give me what I need for 1 column. But I need 3 COLUMNS that contain the same group of people. WHY CANT I COPY/DUPLICATE a column? AND Why cant you automatically pull in your contact list into the CONTACT LIST dropdown?

    I recently discovered that you can create groups of people. So I took the time to create a group called "Leadership", "Engineers", and "Team Leads". With the hopes that these pre-determined groups could simplify this contact issue. Nope. Not even sure what the purpose of these groups are if I cannot use them in a contact column. Seems like I should be able type Engineers into the value field and it would pull in those names.

    This has been one of the more frustrating experiences with attempting to use SmartSheet on a large scale. Seems like it could be fixed quite easily by allowing you to create personal contact lists and contact groups, and then having the ability to select one of the those groups if you desire when using the contact list column.

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    Hi @Britt Smith, @APS, @S Ed,

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Here's a possible workaround or workarounds

    • I recently developed a solution for a client where the Dropdown lists are kept updated using the premium app, Data Shuttle.

    Is that an option?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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  • Hi Andree -

    can you send details on how this solution works:

    • I recently developed a solution for a client where the Dropdown lists are kept updated using the premium app, Data Shuttle.



  • Britt - re: your comment:

    "Not even sure what the purpose of these groups are if I cannot use them in a contact column."

    just came across your above comment form March of last year - not sure if you've figured this out already but wanted to let you know that I create Groups for the purpose of granting permissions - example: if I have a sheet that I want to share to large group of people, I create a Group so then I can just assign Permissions to the Group (instead of having to assign permissions to each person one by one) - Saves a TON of time, and when new people join or leave our company, I can just remove them from the Group -