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My sheet has an "assigned to" column, but I am wanting to reference my contact list for the available options.  I know when I am directly editing the sheet, I can begin typing the contact name/email address and will see a list of available options - but the same feature is not available on through a form.  Is there a suggested work around (without having to manually add contacts into the column property list)?



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    Unfortunately, that is the suggested work around.  I've been asking for the same functionality.

    On the mobile app, opening the same form will allow you to auto complete, like you are asking for.  It's just the web form that's the problem.

    The only way to get a drop down list is to put names in the column property list.

    Please submit a product enhancement request so we can get another vote for this.  We really need it at my company as well.

    Submit Product Enhancement Request


    Connor Hartford

  • Well that is a bummer!  Product Enhancement Request submitted!!

  • If column property is changed from "Conctact List" to "dropdown" and names are added manually to create LOV, there is no email addr associate with name and therefore automation functionality is lost, correct?

  • Any plan for this? Seems like an oversight...

  • I am also looking for this functionality. I was happy to use forms for updating a Smartsheet but this eliminates my ability to do that.

  • This seems like a basic function and I was very surprised when testing my first forms that it doesn't work. For my needs, a full list of contacts should be available.

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    Its a big issue that needs to be fixed but there is a work around that is better than changing the col properties from Contact to dropdown. Under Col properties there is an optional Values list. As long as your contacts list is not too big (not sure if there is a way to import or paste into this section) you can start typing the name of each contact and enter each name from your contact list. These names will then show as contacts in the dropdown list on a webform.

  • This seems to prevent manually adding new values through the Form, though, even if the column does not have the "Restrict to list values" checkbox checked. I can then select from the dropdown list (nice), but can't add new values that are not on the dropdown list (not nice). This seems to be true of both Contact List and Dropdown type columns when presented in Forms.

    (I'm a gov user, btw, so not sure if this is specific to government type tenant.)

  • ... and that also unfortunately doesn't address the desire to link the dropdown values to a dynamic data set, of course.

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