Gantt Print Problem - Can't choose columns to print

Jswanton ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Anybody having problems with their "non-licensed" users not being able to select the columns to print in a Gantt view? The "edit" button for selecting columns to print no longer works. I'm wondering if the recent software update has broken this functionality.. We receive an error that says "An error has occurred in the application. Please log out and log back into the application before continuing.". 

Logging in and out does not fix the problem. 

Smartsheets says this is a bug. This is not a bug. This a production level disaster if it impacts the ability to print your schedules. Instead of fixing the problem. Smartsheets sales person is tell me to buy more licenses. Most customer buy more licenses if they find value in new functionality or are impressed by the services provided and want to expand those services to more users. Customers should not be asked to buy licenses to fix a problem that was created by Smartsheets. That is hostage taking and not a great reflection of Smartsheets’ business practices.

Curious if others are having the same problem. 




Print Error.png