Concatenating multiple Smartsheet fields into a single JIRA field

I have a need where I need 3 different Smartsheet form fields to be concatenated into a single JIRA field.

For example I would want these 4 from My Smartsheet fields:

  1. Description of Request
  2. Expected results
  3. Why is this info needed
  4. What resources have you utilized

To all be entered into the Description field in JIRA.

Could this be done?




  • Hello,

    I'm guessing you're wanting form submissions to create new Jira tickets. You should be able to achieve what you're after using a formula to rollup separate field information into the Description field. I setup a test sheet / workflow and used a JOIN function ( to roll up information from multiple columns into the Description field.

    To make sure things looked neat, I used the solution outlined in the Community post here:

    In summary, here are the steps to take:

    • Add a helper column to your sheet
    • In this helper column, add two "-" separated by a line break (this will be used as an absolute reference)
    • In the Description field use a use a JOIN function and set delimiter value to "SUBSTITUTE([JOIN Helper]$1, "-", "")"

    It's worth noting that once the Jira Connector syncs, the formula in the Description cell will be overwritten with the raw text value from Jira. You might want to setup a Sheet Filter ( so new issues can be reviewed before they're automatically created in Jira (if you're using an automated workflow). 

    Overwrite would also in turn break auto-fill for formulas ( when new forms were submitted. It may be easiest to setup the formula in another helper column (not included in workflow field mappings), then copy & paste the rolled up value into the Description field to sync. This way, Jira won't overwrite the formula and new form submissions will continue to include them automatically. 

    If you have other questions on this please feel free to submit a ticket to Smartsheet Support.

    Hope that helps!


    Nathan L.