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How do i add more than one duration to a gantt chart?

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I have a project that has hundreds of tasks. Each task has a fabrication duration and a delivery/logistics duration. How can i add an extra column and add the extra duration per task to show in the gantt chart in maybe a different shade or different color?


The other solution, would be to add a line below each task just for the logistics/delivery duration, then i would need to put the same exact information on that line and make each of the fabrication tasks/duration as a predecessor of the same task/delivery duration. That will not only double the size of my spreadsheet, but also double the amount of work for every project.


Anyone knows how to do this?


  • Brett Evans
    Brett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can only display one date at a time in the Gantt chart so it is not possible to show both dates on the same line, at the same time.


    However you can switch between them, with a simple if statement, and show which ever range is appropriate.



    You can also add conditional formatting to change the color depending on the stage that the process is in.


  • Ulensr

    Hi Brett, really like your solution but I cannot get it to work here with me


    Changing dates with check boxes sure

    Conditional formatting sure

    But when I set GANTT start in project settings, the color changes but the GANTT display doesn't

    Can you share how to do it exactly ?



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