I have a dashboard that is showing blank reports when I view it. I have admin access to it.



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    @Paul Newcome

    I can imagine! 😉


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  • Anita Bennett
    Anita Bennett ✭✭
    edited 06/04/21

    I am new to Smartsheet and having the same issue.

    I have created a report off a sheet, to focus on producing a list of tasks (primary column) filtered by the assignee being current user. I have used the "Assignee" "has any of" "Current User" for the filter.

    I have put that report on the dashboard using the report widget.

    When a team member goes onto the dashboard the widget is blank, which is not correct as she has 52 tasks assigned to her!

    When she clicks on the widget, it takes her to the report and she can see the 52 tasks.

    Why is the dashboard not displaying the outcome of the report?

    Other reports are rendering correctly on the dashboard. These have filters so it cannot be that. Noted that this report is the only one "Current User" in the filter. Is there an issue with trying to use these things in combination?

    As another user said - strange the report renders the right results but that same report rendering via the report widget in the dashboard does not.

    We are both using Chrome.

    Curiously enough when I added myself to a task, so both myself and the team member were on it, it appeared for her - like the widget was somehow confusing itself on who the current user was?

    Apart from the temporary test above, I am not assigned to any tasks and so the correct behaviour for me is to have both the report and dashboard as blank. It's like the report always works and honours the filter setting, but the dashboard thinks the current user is the person who put the widget into the dashboard? This is the only way I can logically explain why the team member has a blank dashboard report widget rendering but a list of 52 items when she clicks through to the underlying report.

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anita Bennett I would double check the widget settings to ensure that it is in fact set to current user. Also make sure that the "Contact" info in the Assigned To cell matches the other person's actual Smartsheet Login. For example...

    If my login is "paul.newcome@email.com" but you have my contact info in the cell as "paul.n@email.com", that may throw it off.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Anita Bennett

    Yes, you're correct! Based on the Viewer Mode that is currently selected for this widget, the Report Widget believes that anyone looking at the Dashboard is you, and so it shows them the "Current User" as the user who inserted the Report, not the person looking at the Dashboard.

    There's a setting to adjust this, see: Control Widget Content When Source Is From a Report

    Change the Viewer Mode to be "Their own perspective" and your user should see all 52 items in the Dashboard!