Due Date Hierarchy

Hello smartsheet community,

I have a sheet that consistently uses larger "buckets" or categories under a hierarchy and the due date column always reports the latest due date in the column. In case 1, the way due date hierarchy reports the due date and start date results in sooner due dates being overlooked and that might be an issue. For example. In the sheet that I use this in, I like to collapse things to minimize the amount of clutter I am looking at, but if I do that I do not get to know that Item 1 had a due date of 1-Jan-2020 by looking at the hierarchy titled Case 1- Tasks at Hand. Now in case 2, there is an ongoing project that has no due date, possibly like a routine task that happens twice a week or so. Given the two tasks above it are completed, then the Case 2 should be in the blue or green, because there is no finite due date coming up, however my task status column is showcasing that it is "overdue" or red, because it is getting the due date from one of the tasks that are marked as completed.

Basically, my main question is if there is a way that we can edit or add to the hard code of the start date/due date columns so it reports the first due date and not the last due date, and/or in my case 2 to ignore start/due dates for completed tasks.

We use this sheet in my team to track our workload so deleting the rows after completed is not a practical solution.



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