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Rob Kozak
Rob Kozak
edited 01/17/20 in Formulas and Functions

Hi team,

I'm using Placeholders in a workflow to generate individual emails for an update request. Although the same individual received the update, they will forward as needed, so I need to ensure each update request for the day doesn't 'batch'.

I've done a small test and had no issues, but when i moved into the live Smartsheet, the individuals receiving the emails still receive the batched version. The odd thing is, none of the language comes over either. Hoping someone can help point me to what I'm missing!


Batched Email Example still being received:

Smartsheet Generating From

Workflow Setup

Language in Workflow Update Request Email:

Subject: Foodworks Sales Update | {{Restaurant Partner}} on {{RP Date}}

Message: Please update the following Foodworks Restaurant Partner - {{Restaurant Partner}} - sales information from {{RP Date}} at {{Unit Name}}. Thank you!

Column names match, really at a loss for the issue, any help is appreciated!


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