How do I set SmartSheet to include attachments on the emails that it sends from automation?

Has anyone had success in having SmartSheet include attachments on the emails that it sends from workflow you set up?


When I create a workflow in SmartSheet to send an alert to someone I want to have the email the user gets include an attachment.  


Currently my trigger for the workflow is when the data in a certain field changes. My Action is to "Alert Someone" When I click on the three dots in the upper right corner of that section of the workflow and click "Advanced Options" the only options that display are "Column Visibility". If I click "Display only these columns, I can choose a field for "An Attachment" however, even if I check that box when the email is sent there are no attachments in it.


Any ideas on how to make this work and include attachments for the recipient to view when they get the alert in outlook from SmartSheet?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Aneesah Serrano and @Cidnie Hoang

    Attachments are only sent if they are added or updated at the same time as the trigger for the workflow (please see the Help Center article Action Blocks: Specify What Kind of Automation is Triggered for more information).

    The alert will only send the most recent attachment(s) made in the workflow, but yes you can add multiple attachments on each Smartsheet row (see: Attachments).

    You may want to set the trigger to be when an attachment is added, to ensure that it's included each time, and then set up Conditions to filter the rows in the alert.

    As an alternative, you could set up an Update Request type of workflow. Then lock all the columns you don't want them to edit, and set up perhaps one "checkbox" update to verify they received the email (or something similar). The Update Request form in the email will contain the attachments to view, but the user will need to open the form to see them.

    There currently isn't a way to customize where the attachments appear in the emailed alert or the Update Request. Please provide your feedback to our product team by adding your vote and voice to this related Product Idea: Automations: include attachments