Datamesh - way to transfer only parent row to sheet?

Hi all,

I'm currently experiencing an issue when I try to DataMesh a Pivot Table to an existing spreadsheet. My Pivot Table is my Source Sheet, and I use the existing spreadsheet as my Target Sheet.

The Pivot Table is set up where each row I need copied into the existing spreadsheet has a Parent Row (a number) and a Child row (a description for the number).

When I try to DataMesh the Pivot Table into the existing spreadsheet, the DataMesh carries over both the parent & child rows, although I only need the parent row carried over. I have the DataMesh set to "copy and add new", as the Pivot Tables will be adding new numbers/descriptions throughout the year, and I'd like for the DataMesh to capture the new rows.

Is there a way to prevent the child row from being carried over without changing the "copy and add new" data mapping format option?

This is my first time using DataMesh, so any guidance is greatly appreciated!


  • Hi KellyAnne,

    DataMesh adds data from a source sheet / report to a target sheet based on lookup values in the source sheet. When using the "Copy and Add Data" option you'll see information added into your target sheet in 2 scenarios:

    1. There is a matching lookup value in both the source and target sheets
    2. There is a lookup value in the source sheet that hasn't been added into the target sheet already

    I believe it would be considered unexpected for DataMesh to pull in child rows unless those child rows had something present in the column you're using as a lookup column for DataMesh. If that's the case you'll want to remove those values from the lookup column in the child rows to prevent them from being added into your target sheet.

    If that doesn't seem to explain this or you would like someone to take a closer look I'd suggest opening a ticket with Smartsheet Support. If you do write into them be sure to include details on how your DataMesh is configured and include screenshot so they can try to replicate what you're seeing.

    Hope that's helpful!


    Nathan L.