"Save As New" Not Preserving Cross-References



I'm building a sheet in which I'm using lots of cross-references in the sheet summary. I plan to use it as an active metric field to display summary information from data in other sheets. I will need to copy the sheet about 30 times. I want to do this without breaking the cross-reference since it would be VERY time consuming to re-establish each link 30 times. I thought the "Save As New" function was capable of of this, but my references are breaking when I save the sheet as new.

The checkbox for "cell links and cross-references" in the Data & Formatting category is checked when I save the sheet as a new one.

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  • Rachel Peabody
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    @Paul Newcome @Andrée Starå

    I believe I have fixed my issue. While there was no data in the sheet's rows, the sheet summary cross-references would not copy. I copied some completely unrelated rows of data into the sheet, and it now copies the sheet summary fields as expected. The sheet summary fields do not reference any data within its own sheet, so I'm not sure why this worked. But it seems consistent.