At Risk Formula Unparseable Error

I am trying to build a nested at risk formula based on the following triggers.

-End date is today and Status is not complete it will trigger

-There is not enough time between today and the end date for the duration period left. So, if duration minus % complete is 4 days. and the period of time between today and the end date is 2 days it will trigger.

This is where I am stuck at, but I know it isn't correct. I get an unparseable error when nested but each individual section is accepted when run individually.

=IF(OR(Status@row = "In Progress", Status@row = "Not Started"), 0, IF(AND([End Date]@row <= TODAY(), 1, 0))), IF(AND([End Date]@row - VALUE(LEFT(Duration@row, FIND("d", Duration@row) - 1)) < TODAY()), 1)

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