Automating the Correct Start and End Date within Control Center Project

bradleyesmith86431 ✭✭✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

When creating a project in Control Center, when the project is spun up and moved from our Intake Form/Sheet to Project Generation (On the Active project Sheet).

The Control Center system is automatically putting in a random date every time a project is created. These dates are put in on every project we create. I went through the blueprint settings and was not able to find anything in the set up that had start and end date.

Is this something we can change so the System would just put in "Today's Date" when the project was created, or leave it Blank? It is affecting some KPIs we have for overdue tasks etc..

Here is an example of where it is automatically importing the incorrect dates into the control center project plan.

Has anyone seen this before and know of a fix or solution? Thanks in advance for the support and information!