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Equal = sign is not correctly calculating in formula, incorrectly determining <>

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have create a column to evaluate whether enough resources have been allocated to a task. It evaluates whether the percentage in the % Allocated column is equal to, greater than, or less than a second %Allocated column, which uses a formula to determine desired allocated based on workhours and task duration.



[%Allocated] =IF([Estimated Duration]1 <> 0, [Estimated Hours]1 / ([Estimated Duration]1 * 7.5), 0)

(Got that formula from the community -- thanks!)


It seems that no matter how I structure the IF statement, the formula misses when in fact [% Allocated] = [%Allocated]. Sometimes it determines (incorrectly!) that one value is greater than the other, sometimes the other way around with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Here's what I've tried:


=IF(%Allocated1 = [% Allocated]1, "Sideways", IF(%Allocated1 > [% Allocated]1, "Up", IF(%Allocated1 < [% Allocated]1, "Down")))


=IF(%Allocated1 = [% Allocated]1, "Sideways", IF(%Allocated1 > [% Allocated]1, "Up", "Down"))


=IF(%Allocated1 > [% Allocated]1, "Up", IF(%Allocated1 = [% Allocated]1, "Sideways", "Down"))


I have tried reordering the conditions in the formula with no luck.


Why is this happening??


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