Control Center Projects - Multiple Selection for Updating Reporting

05/22/20 Edited 05/25/20

**Enhancement Request**

TLDR: I created a new blueprint summary, and need to add project information to it. Right now, I'm grinding through each project to update and add them to the new summary. Need a better way.

I'd like to update reporting on a lot of projects, but right now I have to go into each one in the Control Center and click the Update Reporting button. Then press ok.. then go back to the list (which has now shifted because I've 'touched' a project) and find the next.

Adding another option to Global Updates might be the best (make the most sense) way to accomplish this from a UI/UX point-of-view.

This may be a way to discover older projects that are not pushing data to the summaries.. I can see how it would display in my head - but it might not be a viable thing.

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