Reproducible Hyperlinks

Dennis Knipfer
Dennis Knipfer ✭✭✭
edited 05/27/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm compiling a hyperlink section to include at the top of project sheets, a little more than a dozen in total. This collection creates my tabbed "Excel report". It will allow end users to navigate to the tabs/sheets they need. I can then save them in their feature (finance, schedule, risk, invoices, cash flow, etc) folders instead of in a project folder, thus allowing for more robust reporting since all finance sheets are together, all schedules are together, all risks are together, etc.

I've experimented with creating a master template that can be copied and pasted to the head of each sheet, but I cannot paste the hyperlink references. Creating them for each and every sheet is an incredible waste of time, energy, brain power. Pasting Special/Link to Cell does not work. Given the marketed benefit of using header cells as navigation links, it would make sense that pasting hyperlinks would be a valuable tool and has to exist in some capacity. Otherwise, how can you scale these solutions?

All help and feedback is appreciated.