Resource Management Tool

SteCoxy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I'm looking at how I can migrate project plans (Omniplan) into Smartsheet to then use the resource management element to see people's capacity and adjust the schedule to smooth delivery. Has anyone done something similar or have any learnings they can share with me please?

Also, attached is a screenshot of the resourcing data Im trying to replicate in Smartsheets. On the left hand side of the image are resource groups and names and on the right, shows the tasks they’re assigned to and their capacity (over or under) and where capacity is exceeded (highlighted in red). The element I can’t replicate is how can I see tasks associated with someone’s capacity in Smartsheet? I can see where they are over/under capacity but not specifically what they’re working on unless I click into each plan and find their specific tasks. The reason the view in Omniplan is helpful is we can see tasks and capacity across the full team so we can re-assign tasks without having to click in and out of screens.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions on this. Not sure if the current resource management tool in Smartsheet will provide what I'm trying to achieve?