How do I create a report from various forms?


Ok, so I have about 17 forms created for various employees in different departments.  Each employee is required to fill out this form x amount of times a month. I want to make a report to auto populate that shows how many times employee filled out the form, and I want the report to show the employees percentage of completed forms, and the departments overall completion percentage. Is this possible? We were using an excel document the employees all used and filled out the survey on one tab and another tab used formulas to update the monthly tracker.

For example Department Blue has 4 employees, only 2 employees filled out 2 of their 4 monthly required form. The 2 employees who completed nothing would show 0% and the other two 50% and the report would show an over all score of 50% completed. I would need all this on one report (if possible) for 7 departments.