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If multiple resources are assigned to a Task, and the % Allocated is different for each resource, I assume that the only way that this can be correctly recorded in Smartsheet, is to duplicate the Task a number of times so that each Resource has his/her own line?

What will then be the impact on Duration - if the Task has a time frame of 10 days and there are 3 resources associated with it, do I therefore have to change the Duration for each row to 3.33 days to get an overall Duration of 10 Days

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Nigel Michell

    Yes, you are correct - you would want to break down each resource as a new row if they each have different percentages. Each row would still need to be 10 days as duration, since that's the length of the task.

    An alternative would be to create a number of child rows in a way that you could have your resources allocated at 100% for a portion of the entire task. For example, if you know one person is fully working on the task on Monday and Tuesday, then one child row could have the duration of 2 days (just Monday and Tuesday) and that user is allocated to those two days as 100%. Then the next user, working Wednesday and Thursday, would have the next task at 100%.

    Alternatively, if the users are working specific hours each day, you could have one child row per-day, per-user (30 total), which show the breakdown (ex. Child row 1: 4 hours on Monday for user 1 at 100% allocation, Child row 2: 2 hours on Monday for user 2 at 100% allocation, Child Row 3: 1 hour on Monday for user 3 at 100% allocation).

    Then with the Parent Rollup Functionality, the parent row which is the main task will show 10 days duration as it takes the start date from the first day of the child rows and the end date from the last end date of the child rows.

    There's an example of what this could look like in another Community post (see here).



  • Nigel Michell
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    Excellent - Genevieve - thank you very much for your comments - they are very useful. I will try the methodology that you suggested.