Pivot: Add Row Links from source sheet

Jacob Edmond
Jacob Edmond ✭✭✭
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We're starting to dive in a make use of the Pivot app, and it is extremely powerful, however we are finding that it would be extremely useful for users to be able to affect the base data from the Pivot sheet more easily.

One idea I have would be if there was a link in the Pivot sheet for each row directly to that row in the source data. This seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to add as an optional field that could be included in the Pivot. The Dynamics connector has this where the data that is synced over from Dynamics includes a hyperlink directly back to the record in the source data. It would be ideal if the Pivot had did the same thing but included a hyperlink directly to the row in the source sheet.


  • Kelly Drake
    Kelly Drake Overachievers Alumni

    I've built out a North American enterprise-wide solution where I have my main data in 7 sheets that we then segmented into 10 different reports. I build out a corresponding pivot for each report and then I use Data Mesh to push information from my 7 main sheets into my 10 pivots. Works like a charm!

    If you're in a simpler environment you could just do cell links or leverage an index/match formula to bring data to your pivots.

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