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I am needing to run a Data Uploader Workflow daily but the files are emailed to me so I have to move them to my OneDrive or I have to pull them from a SharePoint Document Library that is shared with me. Needing automate this process....

I am trying to setup a new workflow in Data Uploader where I am using OneDrive as the source location. In the "Source" section of Data Uploader, when I sign in to OneDrive I want to select a file from a "Shared Libraries" folder structure and not from "My Files" which Data Uploader allows. After selecting the format attributes, I select "next " to move to "Target" section of Data Uploader and select the target sheet and actions. When I go to select "next " to move on to Filters, Mapping, etc. it will not proceed and it acts like its changing but flashes back to the "Target" section. It doesn't lose any of information that was selected when going through it first time but it won't advance.

If you go into an existing Data Uploader Workflow it allows you to change the Source Data and go through all the steps but when you execute the workflow you get nearly an immediate error with a:

"Workflow Execute: OneDrive File URL is null for id 01T27FIIKXM2R2J3ZKF5HZ4LZKB7KQC5EW"

Is it not possible to use files from a Shared Library in OneDrive? Is there a setting in OneDrive that needs to be adjusted to allow this work?

If not, how can I leverage a shared document library in Data Uploader? We have a very stringent IT Security Policy and needing to allow someone to set up a Data Uploader Workflow but allow multiple people to add the file used for the source data, so if someone is out, the process continues forward.

Any suggestions are welcome to automate this process.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @JScot

    You are correct: Data Uploader supports shared drives for Box, but does not support shared drives for Google Drive or OneDrive. (Please see this Help Center article for more information: Sync Smartsheet and External Systems With Data Uploader.)

    Other Community members may have different suggestions, but you could potentially set up the workflow to run off of a Smartsheet Attachment instead.

    This would allow anyone shared to the sheet to upload the file, eliminating the step of you bringing the file into an online storage space first. This means that when you're out of office you can forward the emails with the attachment to the person filling in and they can add this to the sheet on your behalf to trigger the automation.



  • Kelly Moore
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    Hello @JScot and @Genevieve P

    I was able to build a work around where files are emailed into MS Teams and Power Automate moves the attachment file to my OneDrive where Data Uploader automatically picks it up. My process renames the file to a constant name as it saves to my OneDrive, which means I only have one file, which is constantly overwritten, on my OneDrive. However MS Teams has all the original files intact. The process is completely automatic- it runs completely hands-free 3-4x every day.

    As a redundancy, I built a 2nd Data Upload routine that triggers from a manual attachment, as I believe Genevieve was suggesting, so that if the automation stumbles anyone could grab the file from MS Teams and move it over to Data Upload.

    Maybe this info here will help.



  • I ran into this issue with that same error message. I could not find the root cause, but rebuilding the Data Uploader workflow got me back to functional. I ran into another separate issue a few weeks ago, and had to end up rebuilding the workflow then as well. We've only been using SS for a couple of months now, so I hope this is not a sign of things to come...

    We use MS Dynamics GP as our business software and it auto-exports a CSV to OneDrive.

  • I have also tried with OneDrive when using it to select a file to sync with. I get past the point where I login, and the first thing I see after that occurs is an error. I continue within that window, select My Files, select the file I want as the source, click select and nothing happens. It never selects the file.

  • When Smartsheet will develop the connexion to Onedrive "public library ?

    Another question, when will we be able to access .XLS files ?

    Thank you

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