Smartsheet - Procore & Cyberco Sync

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We just started creating schedules in Smartsheet and are trying to sync them to Procore via Cyberco and running into issues. Cyberco's site is vague with little in ways support material.

Would love to hear some experiences / input on this subject.


  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jennifer Willis ,

    I haven't personally connected Procore with Cyberco, but I've heard the integration is a little limited. You might try reaching out to Procore or Cyberco support directly for assistance with the sync.

    Alternatively, you could spin up a Zapier account and build your own sync from Smartsheet to Procore ( Procore has an open API like Smartsheet which makes it relatively easy to build cross-platform integrations.

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