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How to start building project roll-up with 110 dropdown names to pick also

Where to start, project roll-up, don't want a done of linked cells if can avoid it.  Need it simple for user interface.  Today using Excel just type it in, pick the color for the cell.  The color means something based on a key.


There is high-level corrdination of the overall program, then high-level for a project, then detailed for subset of project.  If done on three sheets each sheet needs to pick from the same dealer list, same phone numbers - how do you do that?

Also need specific project summary info like size, amount ...... on each sheet, in a way where if filter those rows don't move....


How do you do this?  Want to show that this is a better tool than the way we are doing it in Excel.  Trying to show in demo although Smartsheet gave me 60 days (ended up busy for 30) and won't give me more days to build and show it.  If not built good or shown right I doubt will be able to show value of investment, despite that now extension from SS.


Ideas or samples anyone can share on how to start this?  One shee is over a hunder row with contact info for dealers.  One sheet is high-level of of projects condensed look, one sheet is high-level of all the projects but one install phase.  That is how the excel sheets are today.


Plus how do ou make a reusabel template for each new project that will roll-up in to the master view?  or do you need to edit the view everytime a new project is started/created?  In the end all needs to work well on mobile also.




  • Hi Gary,


    You might consider creating dropdown columns on each sheet with your complete dealer list, phone numbers, etc. This will need to be created on each of your sheets, but you can get the dropdowns to other sheets with a few tricks:


    -Save as New. This will save a copy of the sheet. Make your dropdowns with the dealer list, phone numbers, etc. Then save as new and modify the other sheet as needed.


    -Move Row to Another Sheet. This will move a single row and all columns to a destiniation sheet that you choose. Use this if you already have your other sheets built and you just need to get the dropdown columns over. Delete any columns you don't need after the move. 


    You might even consider making a report that aggregates the data from your sheets into one area.


    Once you have your sheets/report the way you like them, you can use Save as New to duplicate your process.

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