Creating 10,000 ft Project with SCC

Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi All,

I might be losing my mind, but I think it might have been mentioned in the user group yesterday that there was an enhancement to SCC and 10K.

Is there a way that once a project in SCC has been created, it will automatically create and link a corresponding project in 10K? I can't seem to find any documentation in the help center.

If it's not there yet, what are some recommended practices to set up a consistent workflow to link the two?


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  • @Chris Mondeau Hey Chris! Tagging our User Groups Leader @James Allen for visibility and reference.

    Hopefully this question can be answered quickly.


    Maxwell from Smartsheet

  • @Chris Mondeau Your mind wasn't playing any tricks, that came up at the Control Center group.

    To answer your question:

    "Is there a way that once a project in SCC has been created, it will automatically create and link a corresponding project in 10K?"

    Yes, the integration does exactly that.

  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    @James Allen thanks for the fast reply! Can you post some resources on how to set that up? Thanks!

  • MCorbinMCorbin Overachievers

    @Chris Mondeau - Not sure if you ever got your answer (hope so!), but just in case: Talk to your CSM about getting that functionality turned on. It gets turned on in the back end, and then there will be a little bit of (fairly easy) configuration to do in your Blueprint.

  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MCorbin just pinged our contact to test it out! Looking forward to developing with it now that 2-way sync is enabled with Resource Management/10K.

    Thank you for the followup!

  • MCorbinMCorbin Overachievers

    @Chris Mondeau I'm looking forward to seeing what 2-way sync can do for me too. I've got some manual processes (reports and data uploader) that I use to pull data back and forth between 10K and SMAR that I'm not currently getting through the interface. Hoping I can make those go away.

  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MCorbin hate to be that guy, but since there's no documentation on this, can you point me in the right direction on configuring when it's enabled? Getting a inaccessible grey box


  • MCorbinMCorbin Overachievers
    Accepted Answer

    Actually - I presented at one of the User Group meetings on this... I can't find a recording, but here's the slide deck

    Hope it helps. If you need more help, we can set up a Zoom or something :-)

  • MCorbinMCorbin Overachievers

    I'm hoping with the new bi-directional functionality, I'll be able to eliminate some of my manual feedback loops. I haven't seen what all it does yet.....

  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MCorbin Thanks so much for this, it's a huge help!

    @Brian Besand - Smartsheet is there a page in SS help articles that is active or being developed? This would definitely be a nice have when it gets updated. Thanks!

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