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Not for Profit and Charity users

Richard James
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Are there many other not for profit organisations (charities)  using Smartsheet and if so how do you maximise its use for your purposes?


  • I work with a non-profit and admin their Smartsheets. As a sponsor, I provide use of some of my 50 sheets for their use. The volunteers who work this organization reside in cities that are miles and miles apart and the CEO was looking for a way to connect that was not always a meeting members would have to drive to for getting access to documents, media information, design work and other documents. Also the need for an "assistant" to be able to gather, type in volunteer information and track the advertiser / sponsors year over year was only going to cost more out of the budget needed for more important items like insurance for this annual event.


    Because volunteers come and go, but the entity needed to continue year after year for the community and and needed control over access to its records, materials etc. and avoid important records going "missing" because a volunteer didn't participate any longer, or worse, pass away. With Smartsheet, the web forms make it possible to connect the website to gather information through inquiry... also to house their logistical contracts, sponsor records, documents, transfer materials, communicate between volunteers and have a correlating discussion record of each and gain history records of sponsorships, volunteers, documents etc. Another web form attached to one sheet serves as a "enter the event" and allows all the work to be done by the person/group entering. Entries to the event are tracked and monitored by the entries volunteer and allows for payment to be tracked as received and as we have fees tied to deadlines for "early" or "late", amount paid etc. and being able to contact those who enter year after year.


    There is also a web form that is linked to the events website for people who would like to join the volunteer force and gathers contact information without tracking emails. It gathers information such as phone, email, area of interest for volunteering.


    All in all has been successul, although now, training sessions are what we incorporate in the meetings when new personnel join as a volunteer needing to use the sheets for their work. Since its implementation 3 years ago, planning meetings of the event are much more successful in the regard the topics are now about growing the event, rather than tracking down materials from the previous year etc., It is, however, necessary to make it mandatory for volunteers needing to manage certain areas critical for operation utilize the sheets for consistency and the information in one place so the integrity of the event isn't compromised if a key person leave their volunteer position. It is necessary from experience to also have a "champion" of sorts for implementation and the decision makers are on board for success in any organization.

  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    We have worked with numerous religious groups who benefit from Smartsheet both in the UK and USA. One client, based in Wales, project manages worldwide events for international charities, eg Innoculation programmes etc. But there is plenty of room for Growth in Charities because of the need to co-ordinate their varied human resources ongoing and especially plan their Events, which is probably the most popular use. I am running a 2 day course for a Christian Group next week in London, covering Smartsheet Discovery (initial user training) and Managing Projects in Smartsheet, day 2. We love the work and the feedback once quickly up and running is very satisfying. 

  • Scott Bean
    Scott Bean Employee

    Hi Richard -- 


    Lots of folks use Smartsheet in non-profit, education, religious, and volunteer-driven organizations. Here's a handful of case studies from the Smartsheet customers page you might find interesting -- click for details.  


    Habitat for Humanity coordinates volunteers, event RSVPs, construction, and donations.


    The US Holocaust Memorial Museum manages events, tracks collateral development, and runs reports for individuals to track their tasks. 


    Stevens Pass Alpine Club has built a sophisticated training and race event coordinating system for athletes and volunteers. Their director tells the story in a great video.


    Bible Broadcasting Network uses Smartsheet to manage rapid acquisition of radio stations, managing support requests, FCC compliance, and other critical operations. 


    WestEd builds curriculum, standards, budgets, task lists, and grant plans in Smartsheet. 


    Hope that helps!


    -- Scott

  • I'm a consultant/contractor with nonprofits and I use smartsheet for their events. 


    I am looking for a grant management template though - does anybody have one they can share?

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