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In excel you can group pivot table rows by days under the "PivotTable Analyze" tab. Does Smartsheet have the same functionality?


  • Hi @William Briggs

    I have to admit I'm not that familiar with Excel's "PivotTable Analyze" tab. Would you be able to post a screen capture of your current sheet in Smartsheet and identify what you're looking to do? (But please block out any sensitive data).

    If you're looking to Group rows, you may want to look into using a Report to Group based on a certain criteria. For example, you could have a column set up which finds the weekday of your date column (using the WEEKDAY Function), then you can use this as your Group in the Report, and use the Summary function to calculate data. See: Configure Grouping to Organize Results in Report Builder

    Would that work for you?



  • Thank you Genevieve. I will post a picture of ungrouped the grouped. I set it to group by days starting at a certain date and by 7 days.

  • Hi @William Briggs

    Smartsheet has different functionality, so there isn't a setting like this within a sheet to automatically create this view. The closest thing would be to create a Report, as I mentioned previously.

    You would want to have a column in your sheet that identifies the Weeknumber for each date.

    This would then allow you to Group a Report by this Week number, and then Summarize by week number like so:

    (Note: I've filtered my Report by the Date column being in the last 30 days, but you can adjust this to be different criteria).

    You can collapse the header rows so that you only see the grouped information:

    If it was important for you to see both dates (start and end date for the week), then you could add a second, hidden, helper-column in your source sheet to replicate the same date from the Date column. Then you can use this in your Report and Summarize based on the Latest date. In Smartsheet the totals are displayed on the top row.

    This webinar has more information: Redesigned Reports with Grouping and Summary Functions

    Let me know if I've misunderstood what you're looking to do!



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