Jira Connector Issues

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I am trying to setup a flow with the Jira Connector where I can use the form to populate a grid and then sync it to the Jira project we have setup. I have watched the Jira tutorials videos from Smartsheet online, So I know this is possible, however I keep getting errors that something is not setup correctly or there are mismatching fields, but I cannot identify where. The common message is along the lines of

"Invalid response from JIRA. statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Option id 'null' is not valid"

From what I understand Smartsheet will know there is an Issue Key field that needs to be populated and complete it, I have also checked the box " Sync new rows created in Smartsheet to JIRA" during the configuration, so this should take it.

Additionally, is there a way to integrate Aha! and Google Sheets into Smartsheet similarly to Jira?

Can somebody please provide some assistance on what could be going wrong?

Thank you!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @RingJake

    I've checked in with our Support team it looks like you're currently working with them already on this error message. If the most recent emailed instructions haven't resolved your issue, please respond back with the Workflow Execution file and they'll continue to troubleshoot this with you via a private channel.

    In regards to Google Sheets, the Premium add-on Data Shuttle is able to sync data from Google Sheets into your Smartsheet account (and vice versa). You can learn more about Data Shuttle here. I don't know much about Aha! but you may be able to connect it to Smartsheet through a third party integration, such as Zapier.