Dashboard Reporting Logical Filtering


I am currently devolping an Automated Dashboard Template that may function as a Site Visit Report. The project consists of developing thousands of Site Visits Reports, hence the need for an automated system and data entry.

I developed a Grid and Form that will be a user-friendly tool during each site visit. However, I would like to develope a formatted and summarized report of each site utilizing the information gatthered and entered in the Project Grid.

Is there a way to use the information in one row and display filtered and different metric/charts widgets, all based on a single cell?

Basically, I would like to select a baseline cell (ie. dropdown list), where all the information (metrics/charts) needed and prevously chosen will automatically fill in, based or referenced by the baseline cell chosen.

I would like to avoid creating thousands of dashboards per each site and having to re-select each cell source per metric/chart.

Note: I am using a Dashboard feature since I can't seam to create a Dynamic/Formatted Report Template. If there is a way, please let me know.