How can I make managed 10kft users show up as smartsheet resources?

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The smartsheet and 10kft projects are connected, managed users are set up in 10kft, the smartsheet project is set to 10kft resource management, i have a 'assigned to' (column type: contact list) and 'allocation' columns (with percentages), but i can't get the resources to populate in the assigned to column. note: these are resources who do not have email addresses so they can't be invited as smartsheet users. strangely one of the resources shows up in the 10kft panel but there's nothing different about him than any of the others. I thought i was supposed to be able to make assignments in the panel but I don't see that option. I am an admin in both smartsheet and 10kft accounts.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @JenM

    In order for the Panel to identify a resource from 10,000ft and sync that data with Smartsheet, the resources you're managing will need to have an email address in Smartsheet and be a part of your plan/account (either licensed or unlicensed). Then you would select them as a Contact in the Assigned to column being used in your Project Settings. The email address of this Contact is the unique identifier which allows the panel to match information back and forth.

    Is it possible that Jon has a free collaborator account with your company which is why he is appearing when others aren't? Here's more information on Managing Users in an Enterprise or Business Plan in Smartsheet.