How can I link my sheets in Workspaces?



I'm wondering if there's a way to link my sheets in workspaces, we want something that will transfer onto the other sheets or have something in red trigger another sheet into auto generating it there to know what task needs to be completed. Should i just do a master sheet and that will link them? or how can i go about it?

Thaaanks!! :)


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @ItzelCampos

    What about creating a Report?

    Depending on what plan type you're on, you can use multiple sheets as a source for a Report. This means you can bring in rows from all your different sheets, then filter it by a specific criteria (ex. the Status column does not say "Complete").

    Then you can make changes to the cell in a Report and it will update the underlying sheets!

    See: SmartStart: Reporting



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