Is there a way to easily/quickly hyperlink 100's of sheets.


I am running into an issue where it is desired that 100's of sheets in a workspace have an individual hyperlink on a separate sheet. The desire is that in card view, they can click on the hyperlink and go directly to that person's individual sheet. I understand that the desired effect can be obtained by running a report from that workspace, which includes all of the sheet names. But since we are unable to view reports in card view, that doesn't solve my issue. We are working in the .Gov platform, so I am not sure if that will affect the outcome of this question/answer. Is there possibly some way to copy the hyperlinks from the report, and past them into my sheet? I appreciate any advice on this. So what I am hoping to do is prevent the tedious task of manually hyperlinking each "Jill" name, to the underlying sheet. (in our scenario each name is a different person).


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