Unable to move Cell Links from Control Center due to insufficient permissions

Emilio Wright
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We used Control Center to create project plans for our projects. We have an Intake Sheet, the Project Plan, and the Summary Sheet. The value from the Intake Sheet is linked to the Project Plan Profile Data. The value from the Project Plan Profile Data is linked to the Summary Sheet. I am trying to move the cell link on the Project Plan from the Profile Data to a cell in a column that has no value.

In this example below, I am moving the cell link from a text column to a date column and I am presented with the error. I have attempted to make the same change from a text column to a text column to see if the issue was the data type. But the same error was presented. I also attempted to move the cell link on a different project plan where there was no value originally from the Intake Sheet, so there was no value on the project plan or Summary Sheet. Still I received the same error. I have also tried unlocking both the row and columns and still get the same error.

I am an admin on both workspaces, where the Intake Sheet and Summary Sheet are, as well as where the Project Plans are stored. As such, I am an admin on all sheets within these workspaces.

Extra: I was able to do this before for an Contact Type cell link. I moved the cell link from the Profile Data(Text/Number Data Type column) to an Owner(Contact Type Data Type column).I have a video proof but I would need to edit it to blur out information.

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