Smart Sheet API GET Rows not wokring


Hi all,

I am using the smart sheet api to read and update a rows values. I am performing this task using a python script and then requests library.

My current code setup looks something like this


import requests

Test = "_________________________________________"

url = ""+Test

Header = {

    'Authorization': "Bearer ___________________________________________"


response = requests.request("GET",url+"rows/__________________",headers=Header)



where the blank areas are redacted information pertaining to the Test sheet ID, the auth token, and the row ID respectively.

The issue i am having with this is when making the request to the api i get the following as a response


 "errorCode" : 1006,

 "message" : "Not Found",

 "refId" : "xs0utqgw9426"


I am able to make GET requests with the API as i was able to use it flawlessly to read a whole sheets contents however now i would like to just read one row so that i may use it to update a cells contents on the row as per the documentation.

Any help would be appreciated