CALENDAR APP/Dashboard current user view

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I have 2 things I am trying to resolve. I have about 100 external partners who need to see current status of a submission. so Far i am able to display that info in Dynamic View. But I can seem to get the Calander App and Dashboard Widget to show graph. without sharing them to the source sheet.


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Bobby1 ,

    If you wish to share your Calendar app view through your Dashboard with users who do not have access to the source sheets to the specific view you may add their email addresses or domains in the "Allow Emails/Domains" box in the sharing section of the Calendar app view or publish this view as explained here and then use the relevant link for each specific case (share or publish) using a Web Content Widget. The options above (the same behavior for the options above should be expected even if you do not want to publish the sharing/publish link in the Dashboard)

    Regarding Chart Widgets, sharing to the sources isn't necessary for external users to see the graphs, the errors that appear in the screenshots that you show are indicating that the data sources to those graphs have changed (the underlying columns or even the sheet may no longer exist) and therefore these graphs can no longer be plotted. To resolve this, the data source in the Chart will need to be selected again from a valid data point (sheet / column range). Please see Modify an Existing Chart for more information about this.

    I hope this can be of help!