Populating cells in a column with data from cells from a different column on the same row


I'm currently trying to build a column where if the cells are blank, they are populated with the data in a cell on the same row but obviously in a different column. This sheet is populated by form entries and I'm trying to fill this column without making its field on the form mandatory. Thanks.


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    This is not really possible if you still want the field on the form fillable. You would need a helper column that appears on the form, and then you could use an IF formula to decide what value goes in the field you really want populated.

    So let's say you want Column A populated either by the entry from the form, or if it's not filled in by the form, you want it to have the value from Column B in it. You would need a Column C to collect the data on the form. Then, use an IF formula that says essentially, if there's NOT a value in Column C, put the value from Column B into Column A, but if there IS a value in Column C, put that value in Column A. So a formula like this would go in Column A:

    =IF(ISBLANK([Column C]@row, [Column B]@row, [Column C]@row)

    (If Column C is blank, set the value to Column B, otherwise, set the value to Column C.)


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