Input the date for a multi-select dropdown


Hi all--

I am trying to create an efficient way to track my samples as they move around to different facilities. Please see my screenshot for what I am working on. Ideally, I'd like to just have the check box as in the screenshot because it's easier and faster. Space on my SmartSheet is also a premium.

Now, I'm aware that I can see the date that I updated sample status by checking cell history. What I would like is a secondary way to access that information that doesn't disappear later. Something like date columns for TO SEW, FROM SEW, so on. When TO SEW is checked the date is put into the TO SEW column. When FROM SEW is checked the date is put into the FROM SEW column.

I've copied a formula template that allows me to input TODAY into a different cell when TO SEW is checked. But if I then if I later check FROM SEW, the date would change or disappear. If you see in the screenshots, I can get TO SEW to work, but then when I add FROM SEW everything is lost.