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Provide users with the ability to Print a Grouped Report



  • My team requires this gap to be addressed so we can send attachments with groups and summaries.

  • Our organisation completely supports this request, the report export without the grouping/summary is pointless and needs to be fixed.

  • +1 to this, for sure. Being able to pdf/print the report exactly as it appears would fantastic.

    Why do we need this? Being in the construction industry, I work with many people who are technology illiterate and like to print physical documents still.

  • Jon Barto
    Jon Barto ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/03/23

    I totally agree. I cant believe smartsheet has this nice grouping report feature but you cant print it or email it out. This seems like such a basic feature. But oooh you can resize a widget on dashboard.. (newest update)

    I as much as I like some of the new things rolling out, I wish smartsheet would fix some of the basic items may of us have been asking for. Especially the items such as this. Been working on for the past year?? WOW.

  • Sydneyv
    Sydneyv ✭✭

    Agree 1000%. I was able to generate a report of exactly what I needed, but I'm unable to easily share it with external viewers that need access to it. I've essentially resorted to saving a screen shot as a PDF to share the information. When will this be available?!

  • Put me down for (checks my notes...) Gobsmacked! That printing and exports of a report, flattens the data back to it's raw state.

  • Carolyn Stone
    Carolyn Stone ✭✭✭✭

    I too need this functionality! Dashboards do not work when you have large amounts of rows on your report that span more than a page, and I need to save it to an excel file to send to others as a monthly Status Report. Have had to resort to putting grouping headers into the main tracking sheet, which is defeats the purpose of trying to flatten the data on the sheet, but it allows you to keep the groupings at least when you export.

  • Adding my +1 FWIW. though I have to say I am not optimistic given that the original request was made in 2021 and it seems that there is no indication of timeline from SS since that point. It would be nice to know if they care what the SS Community think about this idea and whether they can give us hope for this feature to be implemented