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Provide users with the ability to Print a Grouped Report



  • This is so frustrating to see I am not alone on this issue. The response from Smartsheet's that this program is meant to minimize the use of paper and printing and that is why the printing options are limited seemed weak. I hope they can fix this issue and other printing issues very soon.

  • So, I've found myself, like many of you--working on a report that has groupings, filters, and is sorted, to only find that it reverts to a simple grid when I print. Absolutely ridiculous. Why tease with this functionality if you can't execute it?

  • I vote for this as well. Being able to print a report much as a pivot table is able to be printed in excel would be SUPER helpful.

  • As a Smartsheet consultant at InfoSpark, I work with a lot of customers who would also really like to have this feature. I'm sure Smartsheet will deliver this feature at some point in the future, but in the meanwhile we had a few customers that desperately needed the functionality and so we've built an addon for Smartsheet that creates custom multi-row reports, including grouped reports.

    Because it's a custom addon, the cost is considerable compared with a free feature, but I thought I'd put the word out that with our custom addon, grouped reports can be generated as a PDF and attached to a sheet so that they can be printed. If that's of any interest, please get in touch with the InfoSpark team on



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  • Brent Wilson
    Brent Wilson ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree having create these grouped reports that show key data to the end users and not even being able to print to a pdf to distribute them to the management team

    Brent C. Wilson, P.Eng, PMP, Prince2

    Facilityy Professional Services Inc.

  • gquinn
    gquinn ✭✭

    This is also quite a disappointment, please update asap!!


  • DP_37
    DP_37 ✭✭

    I saw last update was July 2022. I would love to see this get implemented soon. We're using this grouping to escalate issues to leadership, and it's effective if the grouping we do by Department is lost when printing or exporting the report.

  • LJTexas
    LJTexas ✭✭✭
    edited 04/06/23

    This is feature is needed. It is a core of many reporting systems and competitors of Smartsheet.

  • lucreze
    lucreze ✭✭

    I cannot believe that smartsheet keeps upping their prices, and still can't seem to provide BASIC services. like printing a sum on a report. reaallly!!!!??? if you can see it on the screen - how hard could it be??? other services provide this! ITS A REPORT. if numbers are involved they usually require TOTALS.

    also , BASIC...DEFAULTS in fields so many other things. and I have been complaining about this one for almost 10 years 10 YEARS.

    what is the issue? this is AN APPALLING LACK OF BASIC FUNCTIONALITY

  • XR_Tech404
    XR_Tech404 ✭✭✭

    Without the ability to summarize our information, it makes reports useless as a tool. Solutions given have been to ask everyone to visit the report on a computer. Why not unblock our ability to allow the browser to print? We could even go so far as to scrape the browser data and print it.

    For those curious, we ended up using pivot tables in Smartsheet to get around not being able to print our reports as we see them with grouping and summarizations. If I can manually make it happen in Smartsheet, why can't Smartsheet do it? ya ya. I get it "I don't know anything about code or about how printing is a buried module inside of the Smartsheet code." I'm just an insignificant nobody Smartsheet user who was told to go to the community and post a useless upvote so that Smartsheet support and account managers can sweep me under the rug.

    I guess I'll revisit this post in 3 years to complain again about report printing. See you all then.

  • MartyBeets
    MartyBeets ✭✭
    edited 04/25/23

    Can this request be escalated? I don't know that it's fair to consider this a feature... it's an oversight. I don't think anyone at SmartSheet really thinks the desired behavior when printing a grouped report would be for the grouping to disappear.

    Just admit that someone was not thorough on the requirement and do the right thing for your users. People print reports and this makes you reporting module largely unusable.

  • Jzr7
    Jzr7 ✭✭
    edited 05/03/23

    I've created a report with lots of data and have it Grouped by two variables, then summarized with counts and totals. I have the report set to default to collapsed view when it is opened. However, when the report is printed, it only prints uncollapsed. We want to be able to present the report without all the distracting minutiae but currently SmartSheets doesn't allow you to print a collapsed view. Would like to see this functionality. Thanks!

  • Great afternoon, it's been 9 months since the last update. Any good news about when to expect it?