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Version Control/Backups That Maintain Cell Links


I have seen some posts referencing similar pain points, but thought I would try to distill it into one idea post:

Smartsheet is awesome at so many things, but one place where it lags behind other cloud productivity solutions is in its ability to backup, back rev, and implement version control. Yes, you can view history on sheets or cells. Yes, you can schedule weekly workspace csv backups. Yes, you can duplicate a workspace. These are good features, but all can fall short on usability and have limitations. I have several workspaces with more than 100 items and tons of cell links and have yet to find a good way to structure version control and backups for them without having to risk rebuilding a lot of the linking and sharing manually. Something akin to Microsoft 365's ability to go back to a previous version without data and feature loss would be fantastic. As would the ability to copy a workspace with more than 100 items.

I am currently exploring workaround options for this with the API, but a native feature would be so much better for my users!

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Thanks for sharing - we hear you on this problem. We want to make it easier to back up your data while preserving critical functionality. Stay tuned for updates in this area.



  • Jack Doherty

    Hi Gorka,

    Yes, I've had similar thoughts. I've been experimenting with the Java backup tool (Backup Tool | Smartsheet) which is better than most of the other options natively available in Smartsheet, as it allows backup of all data by an administrator, instead of just sheets you have access to, but it still requires a lot of manual processes both to run and to recover lost data.

  • Kelly Kindred

    This has also been raised as a significant issue for our organisation as we have only just learned of this limitation. I am a definite fan of Smartsheet and have been advocating for its use over the last few years. Unfortunately I have been directed to seek an alternative tool.

  • Marc Shecter
    Marc Shecter ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Gorka
    Gorka ✭✭

    I have shared the same feedback in few channels already. No action seems to be taken.

    This risk is big enough to avoid organizational roll-out and to move into an alternative product. It hard to understand how such a basic feature is missing.

  • Rick Olsen
    Rick Olsen ✭✭✭✭

    Agree that this has become a very big pain point as we continue to improve.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This is sorely needed.

    Actual, factual, fully functional backups. That not only keep the links alive, but also clearly associates attachments to which row, etc.

  • Ilse Ickx

    Yes please....grant us a possibility to either request via Support team a last back-up or version history as in 0365... Unexpected behaviour of Automation workflow using new Run Now option has serious messed up a production workfile and we'll need hours to recover it.... not smart for Smartsheet..... Better back-up plan is urgently needed. Thanks in advance.

  • M Sanchez

    Yes, I agree! The core files are critical and must be backed up daily with the links intact.

  • clageweg

    Backups imply that you can restore a previous version EXACTLY the way it was. Why else backup? I was shocked to learn that Smartsheet backups are so limited. It makes me question its viability as an enterprise level tool.