Control Center & Resource Management


Hi...I'm looking for anyone with experience that has been able to load resource management automatically from their project plan? I seem to be at the point where I need to manually add the tasks from my project plan to resource management...just not getting the automation I'm looking for.


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @John Littler,

    The Resource Management integration with Control Center allows to automatically connect projects provisioned via Control Center with existing ones in Resource Management or create new ones in that platform.

    The Profile Data available in each provisioned project will be determined by the template sheet associated to the relevant Blueprint.

    Once a project is provisioned via Control Center and then its information pushed into Resource Management, any subsequent updates in the project will need to either be made in the project sheet and then pushed into Resource management via the Resource Management panel or made directly in Resource Management and then synchronized with the project sheet in Smartsheet.

    If this can't really accomplish what you are intending or the process generates unexpected results, you may want to reach out to our Support team via this form or account representative to discuss your specific solution further.

    I hope that this can be of help!